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Based in San Jose California, the Traffic Violation lawyers at Roberts | Elliott Law Corp. have been defending individuals charged with traffic offenses throughout Santa Clara County, the Bay Area and California, since 1981. Our Traffic Defense firm has a great reputation in the Criminal Court System and we will explore all potential defenses to your case .If you retain one of our Traffic Lawyers, we can appear for you in Court and handle your traffic matter. Your appearance in court will not be necessary, unless we decide to have you testify at Trial.

Our Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers have defended thousands of clients charged with moving violations (Both Infractions and Misdemeanors) in San Jose, Santa Clara County and throughout California. Our Traffic Ticket Lawyers have succesfully handled thousands of different fact-patterns, and have probably handled a case similar to yours .In most cases, we will set your case for an arraignment and plead “Not Guilty”. We will then appear for you at your arraignment set your case for a Court Trial,  At the Court Trial, if the citing officer fails to appear, your case will typically be dismissed by the Judge for lack of prosecution. If the police officer appears, then our Traffic Defense Lawyers will attempt to negotiate a reduction to a less serious “non-point” offense or obtain Traffic School for a Dismissal. For more detailed information about why you should retain us to handle your Traffic Offense, please visit our About Us page, or Call us now for a Free Consultation! 1-408-275-9800

Experienced San Jose Traffic Violation Lawyers

Our Traffic Defense Lawyers at Roberts | Elliott Law Corp. have the experience you need to win your case. We can help in your fight to avoid jail, license suspension, fines and higher insurance rates. Our Experienced Traffic Defense Attorneys can assist you in any case including: Speed offenses, Red light and stop sign violations, Driving over 100 MPH, unsafe lane change, Marijuana or Alcohol (open container) in the Vehicle. We can also defend you with regard to a DUI Refusal to submit to a Chenical tests (breath and blood), and illegal stops and arrests.
Roberts | Elliott Law Corp. will provide you with an aggresive Traffic Defense Lawyer who specializes in vehicle related traffic cases, including:

    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
    • DMV  Adminstrative Hearings
    • Hit and Run – Vehicle Code (VC) 20002 (a)
    • Reckless Driving – Vehicle Code (VC) 23103 (a)
    • Exhibition of Speed – Vehicle Code (VC) 23109 (a, b, and c)
    • Speeding – Vehicle Code (VC) 22349, 22350
    • Speed Exceeding 100 MPH – Vehicle Code (VC) 22348
    • Failing to Stop at a red-light – Vehicle Code (VC) 21453 (a) or stop sign (VC) 22450
    • Failing to Yield to another vehicle or pedestrian – Vehicle Code (VC) 21753
    • DUI Checkpoint Stops
    • Driving on a Suspended License – Vehicle Code (VC) 14601.1 (a), (VC) 14601.5, “Admin Per Se suspension” (VC) 14601.2 (a), Drunk Driving Suspension
    • Driving without a Driver’s License – Vehicle Code (VC) 12500
    • Unsafe Lane Changes – Vehicle Code (Vehicle Code (VC) 22107
    • Failures to Appear or Pay – Vehicle Code (VC) 40508 (a) Vehicle Code (VC)40509.5
    • Open Container of Marijuana in a Vehicle – Vehicle Code (VC) 23222 (b)
    • Open Container of Alcohol in a Vehicle – Vehicle Code (VC) 23222 (a)
    • And Many Other Criminal Traffic Violations

If you have been charge with any type of Traffic or Criminal Violation, you should contact our Full Service Traffic Defense Law Firm immediately for a Free Consultation. There are many Defenses to these charges. We will fight to save your Drivers License and preserve your rights!. Our representation may result in your case being dismissed, reduced to a ” Non-Point offense” or resolved by obtaining a referral to traffic school, even when you may not be eligible. These outcomes may keep the conviction and points off your record and save your California  Drivers License.

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