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Experienced San Jose Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are a full service criminal defense firm with over sixty (60) years of combined experience. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers can represent you with regard to any criminal charges including; Drunk Driving (DUI), Domestic Violence, Marijuana Sales, Drug Possesion, Theft, Fraud, and criminal forfeiture actions. Our experienced California DMV Lawyers can also represent you at your DMV administrative license revocation hearings.  In criminal misdemeanor cases, we can typically handle all of your court appearances without the need for you to appear. In Felony matters, the defendants appearance is generally required, but can be waived by the filing of a Penal Code Section (PC) 977 waiver with the court.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are in court every day, fighting for our clients rights and keeping them out of Jail. We have extensive experience in handling criminal arraignments, pre-trial conferences, plea negotiations, pre-trial motions, bail motions, sentencing hearings (including probation and parole), expungement proceedings, bail and supervised own recogizance (SORP) hearings, restitution hearings and juvenile proceedings. The Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers at Roberts | Elliott Law Corp. can also represent you in both Criminal and Administrative Trials. We also have a network of attorneys across the state of California, with whom we work with on criminal matters.

The Criminal Defense Lawyers at Roberts | Elliott Law Corp can handle any criminal charges, including the following:

Drunk Driving (DUI)

Our San Jose Drunk Driving (DUI) Lawyers will provide you with comprehensive representation when you have been charged with a driving under the influence case. Drunk driving charges are called Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and or Drugs (DUI) in California. We can challenge your illegal stop, detention and arrest, by filing a motion to suppress evidence on your behalf. (California Penal Code (PC) 1538.5) We will also investigate your performance on field sobriety or cooridation tests, as well as attacking the validity of your Chemical test results (Blood and Breath). At the same time, we can save your driving privilege by requesting a hearing and winning your DMV Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing. These seperatel DMV Hearings only involve the administrative suspension or revocation of your driving privige, but can be used to develope defenses to your criminal charges as well. You must contact the DMV within Ten (10) days from the date of your arrest, in order to set a DMV Hearing and save your license. Contact our experienced San Jose DUI Lawyers now for a Free Consultation! (408) 275-9800.

Domestic Violence Charges

Our San Jose Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers defend men and women charged with domestic violence, including domestic abuse, domestic assault, and domestic battery. We have succesfully handled hundreds of these cases throughout Santa Clara County and the Bay Area, over the last Thirty-Five (35) years. Contact our Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers now for a Free Consultation! (408) 275-9800.

Drug/Marijuana Offenses

Our San Jose Marijuana/Drug Charge Defense Lawyers, have been representing clients charged with Drug and Marijuana Crimes for over Thirty-Five (35) years. We handle all criminal matters including Drug Possession, Marijuana possession, Drug Transportation, Marijuana Transportation, Drug Distribution, Drug Trafficking, Possesion for Sales of Marijuana, Cultivation of Marijuana for Sales, and Drug Manufacturing. We also have extensive experience in handling all State and Federal  Forfeiture Claims brought  by the government under the drug forfeiture laws. They will attempt to take your money, cars, boats and any other personal possessions which have value. Call now to speak with one of our Drug/Marijuana Lawyers or our Drug Forfeiture Attorneys now for Free Consultation! (408) 275-9800

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